Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Muse - The 2nd Law

Fasten your seat-belts please, Muse lovers. It's official. Matt Bellamy and friends are going to release their next studio EP on September, the 17th. The title? The 2nd Law.

Don't ask me about the meaning of this title. I just discovered the artwork of the EP and find it kinda artistic and disquieting at the same time. You can see it at the top of the post. It represents a human brain with all its white fibres. The different colours represent the different level of brain activity. I find it quite fascinating even though I really don't know what to expect from their last musical effort. Have you heard their anticipating single Unsustainable? Personally, I can still recognize myth sonorities as strings opening, choir in the background and then a futuristic voice that suddenly change the song into a hard dubstep track. Definetely innovative. But can't completely understand it.

The group revealed that The 2nd Law will be very diverse from all the previous Muse albums, except for one song. Matt Bellamy admitted that with this album: "We've basically tried to do what Rage Against The Machine did with hip-hop in the 1990s and take a bit of the electronic world and dubstep and play it with real instruments". Such a huge comparison Matt! Remember that the line between confidence and cockiness is very, very thin. Let's hope that The 2nd Law will definetely match the expectations!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rita Ora - R.I.P. review

I simply love this girl. Maybe it's because this young singer has got such a strong aura around her, full of positive energy. And energy is, of course, the only way she knows how to express herself. Ladies and gentlemen I am talking about miss Rita Ora, the new big talent of the "made in UK" music industry.

Rita has Albanian roots. That's a part that teases me quite a lot. Love new and exotic talents. But (damn!) she just borns in Kosovo 22 years ago, but then soon left the Balcanian paeninsula with her parents. Destination: LDN (the old Lily would say).
This pure energy girl declared she always sang. And I definetely bet it's true. That's maybe why Mr. Jay-Z decided to take on board of his Roc Nation label this pretty brat. Yes, his majesty Jay-Z.

Platinum blonde hair and look like miss Gwen Stefani (named as her biggest influencer), voice like Emily Sandè. I think Rita has all the ingredients to be a huge star. Oh I forgot! Same face of Rihanna. Too many times this girl has been criticized for being too similar to hot RiRi. So? What's the problem? They are totally different in styles and, most important, in voice sonorities. In fact Rita is a mezzo-soprano, while the S&M addicted girl is a contralto. Did you know it? But let's move now to what it matters the most: music.

RO released her first single How We Do (Party). A good to hear party song. Much more for teenagers rather than for mature listeners. But (and that's kinda weird) this song doesn't drive me mad. Normally I would have screamed and yelling against the artist. But I'd say this song leaves me pretty indifferent.

My love with Rita started with her real first single: R.I.P. Rest in peace. An hymn against her look-a-like Rihanna. I think the chorus lyrics are brilliant: "R.I.P. to the girl you used to see. Her days are over. Baby she's over". Collaboration with London rapper Tinie Tempah definetely gives a boost to this already hot track. Hard synth and guitars, dubstep notes and low beats give the whole track something very hip hop with nice dark sonorities. However, the powerful but delicate voice of the platinum blonde girl refines the whole atmosphere. Results? #1 track in UK after one week from the track release.

I really wish to this girl to go far. In the meanwhile unknown artists like Will.I.Am, Kanye West, Drake and The Dream are working on her debut album. Not bad, ah? Enjoy R.I.P.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sean Paul - The "Temperature" king

Fever. When you kiss me. Fever when you hold me down. That's what Little Willie John sang in the 50's. And he was damn right. From a different perspective for sure, fever knocks you down, and definetely not like Keri Hilson does! Beyond the obvious fact that I'm sick and with a temperature (what the hell is wrong with me?! getting sick in summer?! oh c'mon please!) I wanted to write something before going to bed and get some sleep.

I want to review to you guys a basically average song: average in the lyrics, average in the # of copies sold...but with a damn booty-shaking rhythm! If it wasn't for this damned fever you could have found me dancing this track like a maniac somewhere near the beach.
I am talking 'bout Temperature (exactly) by the king of Jamaican dancehall and raggamuffin: Mr. Sean Paul.

I'd say that SP can be described as an archeotype of Nicki Minaj. Because just like the lil old Nicki, he collaborated with almost every (especially female) singer on the planet, with good market results. Just to quote few of them: Baby Boy with Mrs. Beyoncè Knowles, Rear View Mirror with lady Mya or Break it off with Caribbean R&B first lady Rihanna.

I quoted Baby Boy because I think that basically the structure of these two track is the same. Especially the chorus hook. But never mind. Getting "inspired" by collaboration is a common habit in the current international music industry scenario. Especially at those hugely high levels. An entertaining and pushing bass goes right through the booty veins of the listener and he just can't help it, but to shake it like a Pom Pom (hail to Missy the Misdeameanor Elliot). The right song to the get down on the dance floor. I just got a problem with SP. I can't understand a s*** of what he says.
Let your booty shake now! Enjoy!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Amy Winehouse - R.I.P. one year later

July, 23rd 2011. One of the brightest supernovas of the contemporary music scene implodes, pushed away by her own talent and fragility at the same time. I am talking about the last soul lioness of present days: Amy Winehouse. The first white soul lady borned 29 years ago in Northern London suburbs, in Southgate neighborhood. Don't worry this is not a wikipedia page! Isn't it?
What I wanna do, in beloved memory of the passed lioness, is to write about her (commercial) masterpiece: Back to Black.

1. Rehab 3:34
2. You know I’m no good 4:17
3. Me & Mr. Jones 2:33
4. Just friends 3:13
5. Back to black 4:10
6. Love is a losing game 2:35
7. Tears dry on their own 3:06
8. Wake up alone 3:42
9. Some unholy war 2:22
10. He can only hold her 2:46
11. Addicted 2:45

11 tracks of pure nu-soul. The comparison with contemporary Lauryn Hill, Macy Gray, Duffy and so on goes 100% natural. But Amy's voice has something that turned herself into the huge star she's been: I am talking about pain, inner pain. A cursed artist whose only way to express herself was shouting loud her powerful voice outside. I'd say Amy is pretty similar to those big past stars, too much six-feet-under to be remembered by the frenzy mainstream scenario. Who remember Doris Duke or Esther Phillips, just to quote two of the biggest? Certified soul atmoshperes cover the whole EP: He can only hold her, Wake up alone and Addicted are nice examples of a fresh blast of past memories. "For you I was a flame/Love is a losing game": that's how the only ballad of the EP, Love is a losing game indeed, begins. Beyond the combed notes, I think that the power of this track is the perfect fit between music and lyrics.It just says things in the right way those things should be told. Another great example of it, is Rehab, lead single of the whole EP. For 3:34 minutes AW shows her impertinence by joking on her little bad habit: drinking. Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm. On Me and Mr. Jones Amy argues on her boyfriend who stopped her from watching the concert of her idol Slick Rick. Regular soul notes leave the space to hip-hop beats in You know I'm no good. Syncopated intro in Some unholy war and the rocksteady of Just friends send the listener back in the '50s. The AW, with the help of producer Mark Ronson, decided to introduce a Marvin Gaye flavour: Tears dry on their own is so damn similar to Gaye's Ain't no mountain high enough that I just can't understand when Amy's voice finish and when Tammi Terrell's begins! And then the lioness ends the album with Back to black: a creepy prophecy. Amy warned us that soon we'd have gone back to black. R.I.P. Amy, even one year later.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nelly Furtado - The come-back

Six years after the planetary (and commerical) success of Loose, Miss Furtado is planning her come-back on the mainstream pop english-spoken music scene. She just released, one after the other, two singles Big Hoops (the bigger the better) and Spirit Indestructible, that anticipate her 5th studio album: The Spirit Indestructible.
Many voices, and I have to agree with them (at least by listening at the two anticipating tracks), associate The Spirit Indestructible to the sound and atmospheres of Nelly's previous EPs Whoa! Nelly and Loose itself. But let's proceed with order.

Let's start with Big Hoops. For this track the canadian-portuguese lady counted on the help of Mr. Rodney Jerkins, producer of stars like MJ, Whitney and sweet Spice Girls. The track is definetely a pop song, characterized with hip hop veins. It starts and proceed with Nelly's Auto-tuned voice singing on nice and keen percussions. Rhythm mainly based on Furtado's song proceed until she declares in the lyrics "I thought this song was over\ Nope, it ain't over yet". All of a sudden the track disguises into 40 seconds of hard drum'n'bass. Nice song. But it kinda reminds me of On the Radio from the good old days of Whoa! Nelly.

Spirit Indestructible starts with Renaissance-style keys. When the song picks up its true rhythm, with lasery beats and drums, NF voice is kinda overwhelmed by the music. Despite lyrics contains a very positive message, about the true strenght of spirit, the whole songs remains not so convincing. In fact, @ mid-song, Miss Furtado falls into a chant of the 5 vowels “A-E-I-O-U”, definetely not coherent with the whole song’s message. I'd say that Spirit Indestructible dancy atmoshperes bonk with Say It Right beats (is it just me or the track are almost the same?!).

I really don't know what to expect from the last effort of NF, which will be available starting from September. Fingers crossed. In the meantime enjoy the wader Furtado in Big Hoops.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sugababes - The Reunion

Can't believe it. I just read on NME that original former members of Sugababes, Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy are going to recreate the original asset of the notorious UK girl band.
The new band name will be (are you kidding me?!) Mutya Keisha Siobhan (MKS?). Is that a girl band name? It seems that for legal reasons they cannot use the name Sugababes, still in use by the Mutya, Siobhan and Keisha copycat. However I am happy that the last remaining members of Sugababes (Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen) will definetely fade away.

Here you can read the entire article:

It seems that the re-united girls will soon deliver some new music materials in a period range going from 2 to 10 weeks. Does it mean that soon we will se another MV with the three girls returning on stage "Overload"?Maybe yes!
Enjoy the sound from the original line-up.

Ellie Goulding - Lights

Somehow mainstream is paradoxal. You publish your EP in 2010, you get famous in 2012. In the meantime you could have died and no one else cared. I am talking about Ellie Goulding, sweet 26yo british talented Polydor singer and songwriter, currently @ #5 on Billboard's top 100.
I discovered the poptronic Ellie by browsing on YouTube some Bat For Lashes music quite a while ago. Similar sounds yes (also reminds me a lil' bit of Dido), but I think Goulding has something very unique. Should it be her scratchy breath-less voice when touching high notes? Maybe. I think is a matter of style. So I decided to get back at her roots. And found out this little precious surprise: Lights. A pop-electro-base EP produced by DJ Starsmith and Frankmusik among the others.The result is good. Maybe a little bit too mono-chords (sorry but I love heterogeneity).

1. Guns and Horses 3:35
2. Starry Eyed 2:57
3. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) 3:54
4. Under the Sheets 3:45
5. The Writer 4:05
6. Every Time You Go 3:25
7. Wish I Stayed 3:40
8. Your Biggest Mistake 3:25
9. I’ll Hold My Breath 3:44
10. Salt Skin 4:15

11. Lights 3:31

Homonymous single "Lights" is a good example of catchy song with brain: keys with a repeated drum+bass repetitive pattern, broken up here and there by light violin at mid track, freshen the whole track. "Starry Eyed" left me suspicious: at first I thought "well...another junk track to put in the trash can". But listening at it twice I appreciated the effect of over layering vocals. I would say only but good thing in this track. Shuffling, I ended up on "Guns and Horses" and...wait a minute: no synth? is that a '60s style acoustic guitar riff?.Yes! Appreciate the combination between old and modern chorus waves: worthy listening. However the EP contains also some (very) conceptually basic tracks:"This Love", "I'll Hold My Breath" and "Everytime You Go" left me a bit disappointed. However Goulding recuperates confidence with '80s sonorities in "Under The Sheets" (love the heavy drums) and "Your Biggest Mistake": key & drums, drums & key for a nice rhytmic track (though could have been more mature), just like "Wish I Stayed". With "The Writer", EG leaves her femtronic aura and open the doors to a good ballad but I'd say a little bit too basic even though pretty natural. And what about the dark and gothic-like sonorities for "Salt Skin" track? Still don't get this track.

Net: nice effort, but maybe deserved a bit more details' care. Too many things, mostly disconnected. But I trust this girl. 3* OUT OF 5*.  
Go Ellie, GO! Will the "Lights" inspire you.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Norah Jones - Little Broken Hearts

I simply love Norah Jones. I think she has the capabilities to evoke universes into the listeners' mind. She never bothers me, simply because she always changes. That's why, today, I decided to do a quick review on the enchantress last studio album: Little Broken Hearts.
12 tracks of...jazz?? NO!! 12 tracks of I'd rather say indie alternative pop. A tough revolution if we consider that exactly 10 years ago this young lady came up with a "little" jazz masterpiece: Come Away with Me, more than 25milion copies sold worldwide. 
Cannot explain why, but with this step change NJ seems more than ever (even more than CAWM) to use the most correct melodies to link music with the exact feelings contained in each track. Convincing with this new shape.

Here's the tracklist:

1. "Good Morning"   3:17
2. "Say Goodbye"   3:27
3. "Little Broken Hearts"   3:12
4. "She's 22"   3:10
5. "Take it Back"   4:06
6. "After the Fall"   3:42
7. "4 Broken Hearts"   2:59
8. "Travelin' On"   3:06
9. "Out on the Road"   3:28
10. "Happy Pills"   3:34
11. "Miriam"   4:25
12. "All a Dream" 6:30

In LBH, the old little Norah varies such a multitude of sounds, with unexpected surprises. Beyond "Good Morning" sad acoustic violins and synth atmospheres, tracks like "Say Goodbye", "Little Broken Hearts", "Happy Pills" (leading single of the album) and "Out on the Road" lead to more rhytmic and slightly happier (because of pills) moods. I say slightly happier because in "Miriam", in good company with back guitars and synth, Norah imagines to kill her love rival. BLOOD atmosphere ladies and gentlemen! Not bad for a jazzy girl turned into an indie Femme Fatale. Apparently Miriam is (or was?) 22. In "She's 22", in fact Jones ask herself how her lover could be happy with such a young lady. Truth is that I hardly remember such sad almost country-style guitar riff in the background. Folk sonorities also contained in "Out on the Road"."Take it Back" is one of the few tracks in this album with still piano notes, clear clue that the good old jazz stereotype has almost definetely faded completely. Mystical and I'd say slightly trip-hop sonorities characterize "After the Fall" and "All a dream"...Norah please, he's gone! Convince yourself! Maybe by jumping on your car and "Travelin'On"... sad-relaxing track, perfect to get asleep, somehow.

The new Norah still convince me, I must admit. I would have add just some more drums here and there, but I appreciate her effort. Destructing such a big and strong wall, like the image of jazz-melancholic sad girl, is not that easy. 

4* OUT OF 5* (enjoy "Happy Pills")

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No Doubt - The Return

First music post is, of course, dedicated to my favourite band ever: No Doubt. Gwen and friends are back after 11 years of (almost) total silence. It's been quite a while since the 4 Anaheim guys released their last hit: It's My Life, 1984 Talk Talk cover. Missed so hard those times! 
By the way all doubts and uncertainities about ND's come back were all false. "Settle Down" is a good example of a "tough and rough" come back!
Track starts with a sophisticated violin intro with a touch of arabic-baroque sonorities, that set the listener to the mood of the whole piece. Then drums and catchy lyrics ("Get in line and settle down") leave the scene to reggae and dance hall sonorities (remember "Underneath it all"?). Melodic rock notes on the pre-chorus (love Tom Dumont's guitar here) vanish into the arabic-caribbean chorus in which Gwen command us to "Get in line and settle down".
Great come back my side. Just can't wait for the 25th of September for the new album, Push and Shove, release.
ND rock! Just for info, Settle Down is @ #5 on iTunes US Charts after 1 day!
Enjoy it!

New and approved

Ok guys,
here we are. I finally made up my mind and created this blog. What's this about? The only thing that inspire me the most. And that's music.
I decided to call this blog "TheMusigger" because I think that music is the only thing able to trigger feelings inside everyone of us...don't you agree? So I put together those two words...et voilà!
What I'd like to do with this bog is to share my p.o.v. on music and talk with you guys. So let's get it started!!!!!!